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Keep your baby close and protected with the SwaddleMe Deluxe By Your Side Sleeper, the safest way for baby to sleep next to you. It provides a safe, comfortable sleeping space with mesh sides that circulate air and provide easy access to soothe your baby.

Our baby is on the taller side, so she outgrew it in about 3 months or so, so I wish it was removable. Advocate Get informed Take action.

The First Years Close and Secure Sleeper Product Description Mama birds love the Close and Secure Sleeper because it gives baby a soft little 'nest' of his own while keeping him or her close inerloadsr5s.gqs: Redirecting.
HALO® is the maker of the best-selling SleepSack® wearable blanket and award-winning Bassinest® swivel sleeper. We are committed to helping babies sleep .
While baby sleeps make sure that you have the Baby's Journey Serta Perfect Sleeper Crib Wedge to elevate their head and torso. Ideal for little ones with acid reflux and congestion, this wedge keeps babies at the perfect incline for maximum comfort.
Safe sleeping with your baby next to your bed The Arm's Reach® Co-Sleeper® brand Bassinet is the only patented cosleeping product on the market that offers exclusive method for attaching the babies sleep space securely to the side of the parent's bed.
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Baby was not wanting to sleep in his bassinet, so either my husband or I had to be awake, holding him at all times. Bought this co sleeper, and he is perfectly content sleeping between us in bed, and we sleep soundly knowing that we are co sleeping safely/5().

We never got to really use it, he fell asleep in it and cried about 20 min. He is any average size 2 month old and just didnt fit in it. I wish they would have thought to make it a little bigger so the baby could sleep in it longer. EricaMarie, August 11, I got this as a gift when I was pregnant and I've been using it ever since my baby and I got home from the hospital!

It keeps my baby safe and gives me a piece of mind knowing she's right next to me. Mommy2Liyah, August 10, More like first days! I loved this product for the first few days of both of my children's lives. I like that it was durable enough to last through two babies, but both of my babies were big at birth so they were only able to use this sleeper for about two weeks. This sleeper would be more desirable for the parents of a preemie, or of a small baby under 22 inches at birth.

It would have been the perfect sleeping solution had it allowed a longer baby to sleep in it! KmOm2tWo, November 24, I'd only change 1 thing. I was happy to find this product, as we had a bigger bed and not much room in the bedroom to have a basinet.

Plus, I loved that our baby was right next to us, so all I had to do is raise my head up to check on her. I felt comfortable at night, knowing there's no risk of us rolling over our little one. The night light was great to have cause I could keep it close by for whenever I needed it and it offered sufficient light. I was surpised by the long battery life. Sometimes I'd forget it on for hours and the battery never died.

The only thing I wish it was different is the flap at the bottom of the sleeper. Our baby is on the taller side, so she outgrew it in about 3 months or so, so I wish it was removable. Overall, I think it is a very good product and it was very useful to us for the first months of our baby's life.

Great to also use as a Travel Bed!! I did not co sleep with my son at night. My husband would bring my son to our room and put him in this before he would leave for work so that I wouldn't have to get up when he got hungry. I breastfed But other than that I used it mostly for naps when we were on the go!

It was sooo nice to just carry that around instead of a huge pack n' play for the first few of months. Especially since you are already carrying around a lot of extra stuff in those first months. I would also use it alot for laying him on the couch at home while I cleaned or did dishes.

I always felt safe that he wasn't going to fall out of it. I had this given to me lighty used from a friend, I used it on my son and I plan to use it on my daughter when she's born! So definitely worth the money, cause it's great quality that will last through multiple kids, and there are so many uses for it other than just co sleeping!

JonathansMommyLovesHim, July 25, This product is great. I love it and my newborn loves it too. I love having her close to me at night especially since I breast feed. I also feel secure that neither my husband nor I will roll over on her.

I am a mother of six and wish that I had this for all of my previous pregnancies. I would definitely recommend.

BValerie, December 14, Like the other reviewers have noted, I too wish it had been longer. My son was tall at birth 22 inches and by the time he was 6 weeks 24 inches he was too big for it. Advocate Get informed Take action. Safe sleep for your baby. E-mail to a friend Please fill in all fields. Please enter a valid e-mail address. Your e-mail was sent. Save to my dashboard Sign in or Sign up to save this page.

Saving Just a moment, please. You've saved this page It's been added to your dashboard. In This Topic View More. Put your baby to sleep in his own crib or bassinet. How much sleep does your baby need? Where is the safest place for your baby to sleep?

Put your baby to sleep on his back on a flat, firm surface, like a crib mattress covered with a tightly fitted sheet. The mattress should fit snugly in the crib so there are no spaces between the mattress and the crib frame. The mattress shape should stay firm even when covered with a tightly fitted sheet or mattress cover. Put your baby to bed in his own crib or bassinet. This is when babies and parents sleep together in the same bed. Bed-sharing is the most common cause of death in babies younger than 3 months old.

Use a bassinet, crib or play yard that meets current safety standards. They put your baby in danger of getting trapped, strangled or of suffocating. Babies who sleep in these items can suffocate. If your baby falls asleep in one of them, take her out and put her in her crib as soon as you can. Babies can get stuck in them and choke. Remove any hanging window cords or electrical wires near where your baby sleeps.

Babies can get tangled in them and choke. How do you put your baby to sleep safely? Give your baby tummy time every day. Tummy time helps your baby develop his neck, shoulder and arm muscles. Dress your baby in light sleep clothes. A blanket sleeper a kind of infant clothing used for sleeping can help keep your baby warm without covering his head or face.

If your baby is sweating or his chest feels hot, he may be overheated. Give your baby a pacifier for naps and at bedtime. Pacifiers may help protect against SIDS. There is no evidence that they do.

Some babies need this kind of monitor because of medical problems, but this is rare. Can a bedtime routine help your baby sleep?

The Lambs & Ivy Urban Jungle Tiger Snuggle Sleeper and Lovey is a great way to transition your baby from swaddle to sleeper. Super cozy for an easy shift. Includes a lovey with a cuddly tiger companion to help with the transition. A baby blanket sleeper is a one-piece outfit for night-time that helps keep baby warm and comfortable without adding extra blankets. Infant sleepers made of thinner material may also be called stretch-suits, one-piece pajamas, or footie pajamas, while thicker versions are generally called blanket sleepers. Keep your baby close and protected with the SwaddleMe Deluxe By Your Side Sleeper, the safest way for baby to sleep next to you. It provides a safe, comfortable sleeping space with mesh sides that circulate air and provide easy access to soothe your baby.

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